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How to Get More Online Reviews

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Everybody wants to get more online reviews and shine among the crowd.


Convenient Options for Your Customer Means More Reviews for You


Most people understand clients have both positive and negative experiences which no company can please all of its consumers all of the time. To increase your company’s credibility, you need to naturally grow your business reviews. Learn to improve your products and services from insight you receive from customer feedback. And never buy fake positive reviews.

As you get more reviews over time, some of them may be negative. That’s OK. Customer reviews can expose problems in your company that you were not aware of. Maybe you have a personnel with an attitude problem or your hours are not practical for some of your customers. Reviews can discover these sort of issues as well as provide you an opportunity to resolve them. You as business owner must learn from mistakes and use both favorable and negative reviews as a way of improving your customer’s experience.

If it was an unhappy staff member that left the bad review, then you might have some alternatives. Simply just recently Google altered their policies to prohibit previous workers from leaving reviews regarding the business that employed them. Even if the review is genuine or positive, Google says that every one of the company’s reviews must only be from customers and clients. This means if one of your unfavorable reviews clearly shows that it was a previous employee, you should have no problem getting rid of that Google review.

Actionable Email Review Requests



As great deals of marketers learned, straight up asking for reviews can considerably boost the quantity of feedback they get. However it’s ideal to time the “ask” properly to encourage positive evaluations. To ask for the review when consumers are most likely to be happy. Much of the online marketers we surveyed asked for testimonials soon after a client purchased, typically through e-mail.



To get more online reviews of your products, send review request emails a few days after an order is supplied. So the customer has had an opportunity to use the product. To increase the number of reviews for your service business, ask for a review closest to the time of checkout. When your customer is most likely to remember details of his or her experience.

Each time you complete an activity or transaction with a client, use an automated email process for followup. The messages should ask for feedback and encourage customers to leave your company a review. To really enhance results for service businesses, follow up with a quick phone call to personalize the request. While you’re still in the honeymoon phase. Review Stacker helps companies get more online reviews by using email and SMS text messages to automatically contact customers for review requests.

From our experience, noticeable ranking improvement of your local Google business listing generally occurs after getting 10 reviews. The most important factor being that total review sentiment is overall positive. Some companies are much more affected than others, depending on type of business. These are just a few of the many ways to increase your online reviews. Considering a strategy for a thorough customer review building process. Making use of all readily available tools can make sure that you are maximizing your capacity to manage your online reviews as well as enhance your online exposure.

Another nice idea is to provide a card with their receipt telling them where to go to leave feedback. Companies frequently incentivise this with entry into a competitors upon conclusion or give a discount. Via email – one of the simplest ways to ask for more google reviews is by means of email. With a review platform like reviews. Io, this process is incredibly efficient as you can automate your review requests. On your site – do not forget to request reviews on your site itself! why rule out a popup post-checkout with a link to your google my business listing to make it really easy for customers?.

Show people how to leave a Google review

Google reviews are a big part of your google knowledge panel and are important to your business local ranking on google maps and search. customers When people use search terms like “food, auto store, and fitness center near me,” it means they wish to purchase your services or products! if your business does not have adequate reviews, it will disappoint up in the search engine result. You might be losing potential customers every day. Every online review is important. Nevertheless, we understand that as an owner, you’re busy running business.

Having more reviews and more stars in the google local pack (and throughout other online review sites) doesn’t just assist your business end up being more trustworthy and luring– it likewise helps with seo. But do not simply take our word for it; see what google themselves states about review responses:. “connect with customers by reacting to reviews that they leave about your business. Responding to reviews shows that you value your customers and the feedback that they leave about your business. Top quality, positive reviews from your customers will improve your business’s exposure and increase the likelihood that a potential customer will visit your location.

Matt casady from stor-n-lock self storage says, “we have numerous projects to help drive more reviews for our locations. We have signage in all our stores requesting for reviews, and we have a number of places on our website that make it easy for people to review us on our website and on other sites like google. We likewise have a texting service set up, so when customers enter our stores, we can quickly send them a link that makes it easy for them to quickly leave us a review.

High Converting SMS Text Review Requests

Consumers open 98% of the text messages they receive each day. business Comparatively, they only open 20% of emails. The statistics don’t stop there: business text messaging has a response rate of approximately 80%, according to heymarket research, while email has a low response rate of 6%. Furthermore, 19% of people will click links in business sms projects compared to just 4. 2% for emails. Considering its high open rate, response rate, and click through rate, business text messaging is the perfect channel for sending review requests to customers.

Through your business user account you have the capability to react to your reviews with a public comment or direct message. A public comment can be seen by anyone who is looking at your yelp business page. Your response appears straight listed below the review you are responding to. That means your response doesn’t just speak with the reviewer, however future visitors to your business page too. A public comment on a positive review is a great way to thank the reviewer for putting in the time to share their experiences.

It is essential to constantly bear in mind that a customer usually has to go out of their way to leave a business feedback. Your job is to make the process as easy as possible. Some people might be well-versed in leaving google reviews, others might never have actually left one before. To reduce friction and boost conversion rate, attempt to cover all bases and break the process down for your customers. With screenshots and a couple of lines of text, you can easily show customers how to leave you a review on google.

Bad reviews may be higher on your list of top priorities, but resolving positive reviews lets your client’s customers know that they care about more than simply putting out reputation fires, however also that they really appreciate their business and experience. Over half of consumers will select a local business after reading positive reviews, which means that positive reviewers deserve your client’s time, attention and gratitude. A positive review is also a good marketing opportunity and one that should not be missed. A review response is the best time to highlight the good qualities of business, and to spread the recommendation.

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