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How to Get More Google Reviews for Your Business

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So you intend to enhance your visibility on Google as well as obtain even more clients? There are easy ways to obtain more google reviews for your business. This will establish you head and also shoulders above your competitors in the search engine results and also on Google maps.

Did you understand that 57% of potential consumers anticipate a regional company to have greater than 11 online evaluations? this has actually raised from 51% in 2017, suggesting Google reviews are coming to be considerably crucial to potential consumers.

To get more Google reviews for your business, you need to ask for them. And to obtain consumers to create them, you need to make the procedure as simple as possible. Asking through e-mail is certainly a normal technique. However it isn’t always the most effective option for immediate viewing and quick response. Since many customer inboxes are cluttered, your email would be competing for attention. So you should consider texting, or SMS, to send a request for a Google review.

Your Customers Receive an Email and SMS Text

If you aren’t making use of this underutilized advertising method, it’s time to reassess your method. Not only do 44 percent of customers select to get advertising messages over mobile text. According to Seattle-based SMS marketing company Tatango, SMS messages have a 99 percent open rate. Considered that the simplest method to leave Google reviews is on a mobile device, it just makes sense to ask your clients for evaluations via text message. You will get more Google reviews by sending your request via text message.

This is where text messages and also e-mail work. Before you complete your customer interaction, you need to have gathered your customers contact number and email address. Utilizing an automatic system like Review Stacker, your customer will get a text message and e-mail reminder that has a hassle-free direct link to the review system. It is a simple way ask for a Google review. Your customers get a message on their phone asking about their experience and it prompts them to leave a response. They specify “great”, click the link, and are guided on how to leave a 5 star review.



Benefits of Google Reviews for Your Business

Countless business owners see Google reviews as a bit of a dual edged sword. It is a fantastic opportunity for the potential to show off how excellent customers think your company is. Nevertheless, some worry about a poor Google review having negative impact versus potential consumers. Consider the reality that over 75% customers trust online Google reviews as high as recommendations from family and friends. So the apparent risks have actually most definitely been increased.

According to Google, displaying seller ratings on text advertisements can increase CTR by almost 10%. However, numerous sellers don’t see those sort of results. That doesn’t indicate they should not intend to improve Google My Business reviews. Reviews educate customers of the high quality of service they can expect from a service they want to purchase. Which can significantly influence consumers who may be on the fence with a purchasing decision. Furthermore, it can assist you stand apart on search results as well as buying habits.

A positive or negative Google review may suggest the difference between a flourishing company, and one that will be shutting its doors for good. In the digital age, a service’s credibility is regulated by customers utilizing online review sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google. That is where you will announce the quality of your brand publicly. The good news is that this lets organisations conveniently check and manage their online credibility. Which is a power you can put to good use by responding in a timely way to the reviews you receive.

More Google Reviews Enhances Local SEO

You want to rank your business in local search results and appear high in the Google My Business listings.  Understand that your Google reviews has a direct positive or negative influence on where your business appears. So enhance your web site for local search, the impact of reviews for local ranking social networks and local SEO, and the impact of behavioral signals.

93% of the online marketing professionals agree that having more Google reviews boosted search engine optimization. This makes sense, especially given that google displays online reviews so plainly in search engine result, as part of Google My Business.

Asking for reviews is not necessarily discouraged by Google. However, beware that you do need to make sure that you are not incentivizing these reviews. In other words, business owners shouldn’t offer incentives to customers in exchange for reviews. Getting more Google reviews that are positive and detailed will help bury the negative ones and improve your overall star ratings.

Follow-Up Your Review Requests Multiple Times

Individuals are bombarded with a great number of emails and requests every day. From web sites they visit to the signs on the street. If you prefer people to leave a good Google review, then you can’t just have a tiny sentence buried someplace on your website. Or a small placard near your cashier’s station that ask for a testimonial. Put the request in numerous places, in bigger dimensions, and don’t be timid regarding asking several times.


While it is not suggested to continuously call and email numerous times a day to get more Google company reviews. Actually, it could even cause a poor review if done rudely or in an annoying manner. There is a delicate balance between asking at the right time to quickly give customers a chance to leave a review whenever is convenient for them and also annoying the customer with too many requests.

Remind Your Customers to Leave a Review

Sending a gentle reminder the day after a sale or customer interaction is a very good practice. Then followed up with by once a week reminder, is usually adequate to encourage clients without triggering any irritation. More than 3 requests, however, then you’re most likely to irritate them or just have your request dismissed. Concentrating on maximizing your e-mail interaction metrics gradually will certainly be an effective technique to figure out the proper rate of review requests, as well as when “enough is enough”. Then you can disengage with the customer prior to they unsubscribe.

When in doubt, or When Starting Out, Get More Google Reviews

Not every customer interaction concludes with a Google My Business review. On top of that, a customer giving reviews require time and some effort. Obviously, no one has really got the desire to review your business on Google if it takes up too much of their own time. This trouble is much more seen in the early days of a company. When you are not already popular, not many naturally care about improving your online reviews. So you need to gently guide the customer through the process in order to get more Google reviews.

When someone searches for your business it shows up on Google Maps yet starting with “no reviews”. So, exactly how do you get those first couple of google reviews? Well, we recommend that you guide and lead your customers. Go to Google and search for your business. If you have any kind of reviews, it would show up with stars as well as a selection of current reviews.


Customers Judge You by Your Google Reviews

Your overall review star rating is the primary variable customers utilize when judging a service. This highlights the ever growing requirement for your organisation to show a positive (reliable) rating online, as well as the objective of this discussion is to assist you get even more evaluations, starting with the site that will likely show up first in a google search: your Google Maps page.

Your overall rating is the number one factor consumers use when judging whether to do business with you. This highlights the ever growing requirement for your business to show a positive (trustworthy) rating online. So the primary purpose of Review Stacker is to help you get more Google reviews. Improving your presence on the site that will likely show up first in a google search: your Google My Business page.

Make it Easy for Customers to Review You

Nowadays clients are constantly connected. On a daily basis they are constantly sharing and promoting or bashing businesses, products and services. This regular flow of online reviews can alter a company’ credibility in a heartbeat. Which is why you require to check your Google review ranking on auto-pilot. Review Stacker allows you to easily quickly keep track of as well as manage your Google reviews and reputation. Whenever you get a brand-new Google review, we will immediately notify you. Then you can say thanks to clients for a wonderful Google review. Or promptly attend to any kind of problems quickly to secure your brand name online. So you are on top of your Google ranking 24/7.


Utilize Review Stacker to to get more reviews for your customers on all platforms: Facebook, Google, and also any secondary review website. This software application allows you to quickly submit customer lists and as soon as possible send review request emails, or texts, or both. The customer can pick which system they wish to add a review/rating to. Then you get more reviews by encouraging favorable interactions. We have really seen this method help lots of customers, and also it has actually confirmed to be very successful for search engine optimization features. By asking your customers to review your company, you can involve your customers. Also, a lot of times you can discover even more about how to improve your business.

Send a Thank You Message

As more companies gather consumer e-mails at the point of sale, a very easy way to get customers to leave more Google reviews for your business is to send out a “thank you” e-mail. The email you send must not have lots of text or images. It must be simple and concise. Keep in mind: your objective is to get a review on google. So an e-mail or text with a direct web link to the review process. Right here’s an example e-mail. This is the sort of e-mail you need to develop as a result of the fact that it simply addresses what’s needed. It’s easily seen throughout all devices, expresses the e-mail’s intent upfront, supplies a link to the review page, and provides guidelines on just how to leave a review.

Why Google Reviews Matter

Why it is so important for businesses to respond to all customer reviews, especially negative ones. The best practices for crafting and providing review responses is to utilize a fully-featured review management tool. Online reviews have always contributed in affecting consumer decisions. However in recent years, the quantity and relative significance of online reviews have escalated. Recent years have experienced rapid growth in the number of reviews throughout all industries. Particularly for specialized stores, company, and retailers.

You Need to Get More Google Reviews

Getting more Google reviews might be the difference in between a 3.5 and 4.5 star rating online. So it’s definitely worth a little additional effort. Bear in mind that if you desire customers to even think about leaving you feedback, then it’s your job to put it at the front of their mind. So make the process as easy as possible. Do all you can to increase your Google reviews awareness and decrease friction.

Did you understand that a large portion of your happy customers will in fact leave you a review if you just ask? People are busy and won’t typically take time out of their day to review a company. That is, unless you prompt them. If your happy customers are simply asked to write a review, they will. It’s easy to gather more positive Google reviews with Review Stacker. Our local reviews feature allows you to send your reviewers to different other sites to leave feedback, including Google. We likewise have review boosters, which permit you to welcome past customers to review you too.

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