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Reputation Management is Too Critical to Be Overlooked

Online reputation management is critical for business success in 2019 and beyond. It is vital in today’s interconnected digital world, where initial public perception guides consumer decisions.  Of course there are certain events, like closing a large deal or developing a business partnership, where a good reputation really counts. However, it is the continuous daily activity of customers who search for online reviews of your business that really matter.  Your online reputation really influences whether a customer will or will not choose to do business with you.

It is common knowledge that the era social media today runs most of the public’s activities and lifestyle. This narrative has been told enough times, but now we realize the depth of the matter and its significance more over time. The new world of customer service and reviews have changed the way most entrepreneurs conduct their business. The phenomena have led to increased rivalry and intense competition online hence the need for online review management. Yelp is one of the main platforms where customers express their reaction causing a make-up or break down of business instantly. The basis is that news spreads fast in these platforms, and negative comments travel fastest. An irritating experience in your brand will have a detrimental effect if the customer highlights it to the platforms.


Treating the customer properly to their satisfaction ensures the business owner has a chance to solve major reputation issues. This task requires online review management, which rests solely on the business owner. Some of the unscrupulous companies hire skilled personnel to post negative reviews on their rivals to drown their influence. This is malicious and unfair because it destroys competition by hurting the reputation of rivals. Although this is unethical and unfair, there is little one can do about it.

Online reviews are reliable sources of information for people who are researching new products and services. In fact, so reliable are the comments that people frequently turn to the internet to check out the sites such as Yelp. The anonymity of the internet fuels the significance of real thoughts, opinions, and feelings about services and products. The customers are not afraid to make their comments because the information is valuable regardless of the content. In the end, it all depends on how well the customers are treated.

Negative versus Positive Reviews

The fact is that negative reviews are more common than positive ones because there is a prompt to complain. Yelp offers room for complaining hence attracts more negative comments than the positive. When satisfied, most customers think about having more instead of commenting about it. It is unfortunate but people forget the good experiences quickly, distracted by the search for more of it. The human brain doesn’t seem to dwell on this compared to its focus on the bad happenings. It is easy to take a smooth commuter train ride to work for granted compared to one single experience, which happened in the ride. Not to worry if you have more negative comments on Yelp. It does not mean you are doing badly, just focus on using the information for improvement by changing the situation.

Responding to a negative review

You can choose to respond to reviews differently from many options. First, you need to ignore the personal feelings embedded in attacking reviews. The external factors influence reviews too. You should, therefore separate from the review and avoid taking it personally. If you get emotional about, you are likely to respond to the messenger instead of addressing the issue raised, if it’s true. Focusing on the problem should always be your priority because then, you can solve the issue by revising. Choose any negative comment and find what you can learn from it. You can use it as a learning tool to make the right choices for your business by it.

Most people wish to get many positive reviews. The anonymity of online platforms is although encouraging, is, however, unethical. You may instead offer room for free posting about the brand without any fear of sabotage. Most people ignore this forum especially when satisfied. Most of those who are willing to participate will demand a token for it. Rewarding people for their comments is going overboard because you will not receive sincere comments. Enticing them to review the product and services affects the authenticity of the reviews. Note that you need honest comments from your customers so limit your encouragement. Use it sparingly so you can find helpful information to use in boosting your business.

The necessity of Online Reputation Management to Business

Online reputation management (ORM) nourishes a business with the necessary strength to stabilize a business’s reputation to the public. Over 50% of companies agree that ORM is vital for their overall performance. This means that a significant number of businesses do not value the role of ORM in their companies. According to experts, whether the business owners agree or note, statistics show that online review management has a huge impact on positive brand identity over time. The customers can rely more on the brand and become loyal to it. More digital marketers understand its value and devote more time and effort towards online review management.

Monitoring online Reputation

Constant access to online reviews is essential for a business owner. You need to maintain consistency on the reviews to make sure you are always up to date with the perception of the customers. You need to always beware of the latest reactions so you can respond quickly. Do not be caught up unawares on something concerning the quality of your product or services. Always track what is said about you online if you trust the sources.


Today, brands are mostly defined by customer requirements. Appeasing the customers is a priority across the board. Almost half of all digital marketers monitor their companies brand on a daily basis. Statistics show that as many as 21% of them do it hourly. The commitment to review online comments about the companies helps them make vital decisions and changes to suit customer demands. The significance of online review management cannot be overemphasized. It gives businesses a chance to make informed decisions based on direct information harvested from the ground. It is the driving force for future companies too.

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