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Use Review Monitoring to Improve Your Customer Experiences

Just like online consumers, off-line customers rely on ratings and online reviews to figure out how good is the company’s reputation before they buy. That’s why review monitoring is so important. Having good reviews — and keeping the negative ones in check — is an essential part of operating a successful local business.

Getting reviews matters in every industry. Some company managers and employees do not understand how important this is to the success of their business. Review Stacker will help you integrate review monitoring into your standard operating processes for each business location. This ensures every branch is building a good reputation when someone Googles your business.

Grow Your Business with Reviews

You may be gambling with your livelihood if you don’t take your reviews seriously! In this age of review driven consumer behavior, your reviews ratings are your business reputation score. There are now more review websites than ever before. And the number is growing all the time. So tracking and managing all of your reviews has become a daunting task.

Yet this is the most important aspect of your reputation and image. Review Stacker is an online review monitoring service that helps correct and improve information about businesses that appears on the web. Which helps companies put their best face forward.

Monitor Reviews of Your Customer Experiences

After a customer has experienced your business, they may be reluctant to tell you to your face their concerns and frustrations about your brand. Web pages and social media sites present a feeling of anonymity that enables unhappy customers to vent their true impressions to everyone else. Sometimes, your customers will provide very clear feedback to you that details exactly why they are dissatisfied.

 managementCustomers who had a poor experience are more inclined to share their discontent on a variety of online review sites. Resulting in lowering your online reputation. Whether clients are saying positive or negative things about you. It’s of paramount importance that you as a business owner listen to them using online review monitoring software.

Customer Review Monitoring Service

Customer reviews can be a great way to track how much of an impact you are making and what kind. This way you can see how new or existing products are helping customers in their daily lives. If your customers are expressing that they are not happy, then listen to their concerns. Use customer feedback to improve your products and service to better meet customer expectations.

Search engines are often overlooked as a way to find mentions of your company or its products, services, and employees. For example, a search on Google using your business name and location may display reviews from customers found in Google My Business.

Take Review Monitoring Seriously

If you don’t think you need to monitor your online reputation, then just wait until you discover a bad review. Anyone can review any company location.  So you need a tool to keep an eye on all of your business locations. Review Stacker monitors all of the major review sites to ensure you never get surprised.

The Impact of Online Business Reviews

A couple of mediocre reviews probably won’t hurt your business. On the other hand, only three bad reviews may be enough to dissuade up to 67% of potential customers. This is disheartening, because the rare mistake is bound to happen. So what does an honest business do to stave off a potential problem?

Luckily, Review Stacker can help you address negative reviews before they become a serious problem. Thanks to our automated alerts that notify you via email or mobile alert every time you get a new review. With a prompt heads-up to potential problems, you can address negative reviews before they become detrimental.

Constant Monitoring for New Reviews

With more and more people referring to online reviews, customers are sharing opinions more than ever. They promote. They criticize. Exactly what they say about you is directly related to their experience with your company. For successful businesses, online review monitoring is an integral and constant part of customer acquisition.

You don’t always have the time to monitor the web for reviews of your business. So let Review Stacker do it for you. You’ll know right away if anyone leaves a review about your business, which allows you to take appropriate actions to manage your reputation.

Monitor all the Major Review Sites and More Industry Specific Review Sites

We monitor online review sites on a daily basis for new reviews. Then send automated email alerts when your business receives a new review. mention

Review Stacker’s online review monitoring tool displays all your customer feedback. Then it sends you email alerts every time a review is posted for your business. Online reviews are hugely important to local businesses, but staying on top of all the review sites can be time-consuming. Review Stacker solves that problem.

How Review Monitoring and Management Works

An essential aspect of a stellar online reputation is creating positive content. One of the top forms of online content for a business is a positive online review. Online reviews mean your small business reputation is now exposed in a variety of places across social media. Then how do you get more customers to write reviews?

You should use a service like Review Stacker. While many tools focus on brand monitoring, Review Stacker is a proactive review monitoring service that helps you improve your reputation. By encouraging customers to write positive reviews about your company.

New Review Alerts Let You Know When New Reviews are Discovered for Your Business

Review Stacker’s monitoring alerts you to new reviews posted about your business on any of the many social and review platforms across the internet. Online business reviews are published at alarming rates. More than 26,000 reviews hit Google alone every single minute of every single day. Some of those reviews will be about your company. So monitoring all the feedback that’s being generated online is a major challenge for local businesses. We help you to keep up.

Our online review monitoring tool displays all your customer feedback and sends you email alerts every time a review is posted for your business. Sort alerts by the online review site so you can quickly respond the reviews on the sites that matter most – like Google. Then Review Stacker automatically shares the positive reviews to your company website and whichever social media platform you want.

The Review Monitoring Tool You Need

Online review monitoring software is a time-saving tool that allows you to dedicate more time to the on goings of your business outside of your online reputation management. Review Stacker presents everything to you on one sleek dashboard, and allows you to reply and respond to reviews directly. It also gives you the tech needed to solicit reviews from your customers via text and email.

This is a great improvement over the traditional manual methods of online review monitoring. Which requires you to frequently log in and out of each website your business has a profile on. Then you’ll then have to find and respond to new reviews, log that data, and move onto the next site. Review Stacker allows you to do it all from one easy to use website platform.

Review Management and More

Other factors to take into consideration when choosing the right review monitoring software for your business include integration with other systems. Some advanced reputation management systems, like Review Stacker, will leverage the database that is part of your customer relationship management (CRM) software. Then you can contact recurring customers in order to encourage them to leave and share rave reviews.

Online Review Monitoring Dashboard

Understand how customers feel after working with you so that you can improve their overall experience. Manage and monitor reviews from our simple dashboard. Understand your customers through review monitoring and dominate any underlying issues with the use of a simple online review management platform. Use the dashboard data to gain an understanding of customers use reviews to choose whether or not to do business with you. Review Stacker is the leading online reviews monitoring platform designed for local businesses.

Review Monitoring and Reputation Management

Monitoring and responding to the full spectrum of customer sentiment is a huge customer service opportunity for you as the business owner. It’s also a great opportunity for you to demonstrate your value to prospective customers. Review Stacker helps you monitor and find the reviews that you don’t know exist. Then improve customer service and public image with punctual responses.

As a business owner, you have very little time for distractions. Tracking by hand then replying to each and every customer review is a very tedious process. It is time consuming and definitely not scalable. Review Stacker’s review monitoring service saves you time while helping you do more.

Monitoring Your Online Reputation


Our review management application is designed to provide a concise summary of all your historical and recent business reviews. Then you can reply to the customer, create notes for future reference, or simply give all your reviews a quick read to understand what people think about your business. No more bouncing between all the different review websites. Now all your company reviews will be accessible in one easy to use dashboard.

All bad reviews and negative feedback is instantly identified to ensure you address any customer dissatisfaction immediately. Then you must take the proper initiative to resolve your customer’s concern and remedy the problem. Take care of this quickly and you will avoid bad online reviews for your business.

Monitor Your Reviews, Now!

Based on our experience, we are confident we can greatly increase your reputation management online. We help our clients generate more reviews and improve their online presence. Review Stacker will strive to continue being leaders in our industry, and to deliver the best possible return on investment for our clients. We build a Review Stacker account for you giving you full administrative access, transparency, and control making it easy for you to monitor reviews and respond to reviews.

Monitor your online reviews from hundreds of sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook, in real-time. Then reply to every customer concern right from a single dashboard. Also respond to any negative feedback privately, to minimize public appearance of any negative comments.

Getting Started with Online Review Monitoring

How Do You Track all of your reviews across all of the websites and social media? Review Stacker online review monitoring solution makes it easy to get started. You can even start getting new alerts in just a few minutes. So get the feedback-based online review monitoring platform that helps business owners monitor online reviews and discover actionable insights. Then use that knowledge to transform the best possible customer experiences.

Track Your Online Reviews Like Never Before

Review Stacker helps businesses manage and monitor online reviews. It continuously monitors the internet and social media sites, provides alerts to all new reviews, an uncomplicated dashboard, and informative analytics. In addition, the tool generates a monthly reviews summary report to help you make decisions based on consumer feedback.

Monitor Every Online Profile

Do you spend hours manually reviewing your listings daily? It’s unnecessary. Review Stacker enables you to save time with online review monitoring. We notify you daily about any new, deleted, and updated online reviews for your business. Start your free two-week trial today. mention

Reviews on GMB, Google My Business are essential to every company location. These are often the first thing that people see when searching your products and brand name. Review Stacker searches and then shows you any negative reviews found on GMB and over 40 review websites.

Looking For Alternatives to Free Review Monitoring

Is Review Stacker a free review monitoring app? No, it’s not really designed to be free use. However, the monthly cost is so affordable that it will barely make a dent in your marketing budget. Choose from silver with only one admin user or platinum to add more user accounts. No matter your business requirements, we have a review monitoring solution perfect for you.  Nevertheless, you can still perform a free review monitoring search by completing this form.

Review Your Customers Historical Data So You Can Respond Effectively

Our review monitoring tool analyzes the text of your reviews for common keywords and then determines how customers use those keywords to formulate good or bad review comments. This analysis helps you figure out common themes and trends about how people feel about your company, its customer service, and the product

Reviews and Social Media Monitoring

A study from Harvard University found that a one-star improvement on a restaurant’s average review score increased their revenue by 5-9%. Clearly online reviews influence customer actions. With a good online review monitoring solution, detecting and responding to online reviews becomes quick and simple.

Your online reputation depends on what people are saying about you. If you don’t know whether they are saying good things or bad, then you can’t fix any issues or change your reputation. This is how online review monitoring can help.

Looking To Produce Positive Reviews from Happy Customers?

If you need assistance getting your customers to leave positive reviews, then Review Stacker is the solution for you. Negative feedback and reviews are identified early. Which affords you an opportunity to immediately resolve and remedy the problem. Which gives you a chance to address and fix any problems. Before the customer leaves a bad online review for your business. This workflow ensures staff takes the appropriate corrective action to resolve your customer’s concern.

Get More Reviews and Share Them

When you get positive online reviews, Review Stacker will increase them. Our review funnel will guide customers to post positive reviews online. Then use social media to share how amazing your company is.  You can even tag reviews for follow up and response.  All of this done automatically, making it almost effortless on your part.

Getting new reviews is super-easy. Check in customers on your smartphone, tablet or point-of-sale system. We automatically send a review reminder via email or text message. Then the customer taps to review on the sites you choose. Our review monitoring software works in the store or out in the field. Plus, you can assign unlimited employees to see who is providing 5-star service to your best customers.reputology

Links to Each Review

The true value of Review Stacker’s review management system is the review funnel that identifies when your customers are at their happiest and then prompts them to write a review. The automated email and text has links to your review sites. So it’s easy for your customers to share their thoughts and boost your reputation score.

Get More Reviews on the Sites That Really Matter To Your Business

No matter how hard you work to make your business the best it can be, you’re always going to find yourself at the mercy of online review sites like Google My Business and Yelp. You’ll hopefully receive overwhelmingly positive reviews thanks to your high standards and attention to customer service. However, it’s impossible to control every situation and make everyone happy all of the time. There will always be a rare customer for whom you could have provided a better experience.

Review Stacker aids businesses in gathering a significant amount of 5-star online reviews. Positive reviews bring new customers. It is the most straightforward avenue to gain online reviews. Our software gets your business the positive reviews you deserve on sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Then spreads the message of how great it is to do business with your company.

Why You Need to Monitor Reviews


Customers who did not have a very good experience are more likely to share their dissatisfaction on online review sites. Which can damage your online reputation. The truth is, whether clients are saying positive or negative things about you, it’s of paramount importance that you as a business owner listen to them using online monitoring software. You need to protect your brand and business name.

Buying Reviews or Getting Fake Reviews

We’ll be abundantly clear. Getting fake reviews is downright unethical. Also, buying reviews is a big no-no. Not only is the practice forbidden by Google and terms of service for almost every review site. It also denies you the genuine valuable feedback you need to make improvements in your customer service and operating practices. Besides, satisfied customers are often already willing to provide a positive review if you ask politely.

A reported 68% of consumers left a local business a review when asked. Worse, it makes people suspicious of your business. Cultivate happy client relationships and build your online reputation by accumulating positive reviews, not by bribing a customer to post favorable review content online..

Want to keep everyone at your company “in the loop” as well? Simply add in additional notification email addresses to send feedback updates alerts and reviews to management or specific staff members.

Track All Your Reviews in One Place

Every 24 hours, Review Stacker refreshes to pull any new reviews published on the previous day. As you receive new reviews, you will receive email notifications including all of the new additions. From the email you can click directly to respond to these reviews, or login to your portal to check them out.

Good Reviews Improve Local Listing and Google My Business

Local listings are the third most influential factor in search engine rankings. Keep up-to-date and consistent business information (name, address and phone) across 50+ review sites that matter most to your business. So you’re found easily in online searches. Use Review Stacker widgets to display all your best reviews on social media and on your business website. It’s optimized for search engines and designed to be indexed by Google. report

A Search Engine Land survey demonstrated that 72% of potential customers would trust online reviews with the weight of a personal recommendation from someone they trust. Therefore, good reviews from existing customers is one of the most effective marketing you can do for your business. Our online review management system makes it easy for you to politely ask clients for reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and important industry-specific review sites. Our service also defends your company’s online reputation by identifying unhappy customers. Then prompting you to take action for a service recovery, before the customer leaves a negative review.

Investing in an Online Review Monitor

This online review management software helps businesses with multiple locations to monitor social media and popular review sites. Such as Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business, Yellowpages, and Foursquare. The best part isn’t only that you’ll get all reviews from any site in one place. When you set up email alerts, you can respond to any review, positive or negative, directly from your Review Stacker dashboard.

Monitor Online Reviews in Real Time

Our solution enables us to push nightly, weekly and/or monthly reports to your operations team and individual store locations with customer feedback that is organized in an actionable way. We categorize reviews by type, so your operations team can see trends, issue areas, and store rankings.

This systematic approach while often initiated by the marketing team, becomes a favorite of the operations team. Since it provides them with a tool to systematically address ongoing operational issues and drive lasting operational improvements from your reputation management efforts.

Online Review Monitoring and Management

Marketing today is very much peer-to-peer. In other words, people choose products and services based on feedback from people like them. So with more than 15 billion pages on the internet, it’s essential you monitor your reviews. Review Stacker’s online review monitoring and management helps you maximize all your positive reviews, while effectively addressing any occasional negative feedback.

The Best Review Monitoring Tools for Your Business

Okay, so maybe we’re a little biased. But we think Review Stacker is your five star review monitoring tool. The best tool for monitoring your online reputation and reviews. Review Stacker is a cloud-based solution that helps you streamline more of your monitoring tasks. As a business owner you have a lot on your plate. So now you can manage your online reputation in a stress-free impactful way.

If you need assistance getting your customers to leave positive reviews, Review Stacker is the solution for you. Our solutions assist with reputation monitoring for both small and medium organizations. The tool helps you gain the control of need of your online presence. That includes social media and reviews.

Take Control of Your Online Reviews

As a business owner, are you having a hard time keeping your good online reputation intact? Very basic math is behind your star rating. You need to get more good reviews online in order to offset the few negative ones. Review Stacker’s online review management software puts you in charge of your customer’s reviews. It’s rather easy.

Positive Online Reviews Equals More trust

A customer does business with you and your company. Afterward he receives an email or text message asking him to leave feedback about his experience. Then he has the option to leave a review – positive or negative. If the review is positive, he’s given the option to share it on select review sites. report

However, if there’s a bad review, then the customer is invited to communicate with the business owner privately for a remedy. The software is easily customized with many options. Review Stacker is effortless, hassle-free, and highly automated review management. Get more positive online reviews. Do not leave your business reputation to chance.

Respond to Reviews from the Dashboard

Monitoring online reviews and mentions is important. Businesses that take the time to respond to what their customers have to say can rise above their competition. They further improve reviews with a quick response. Responses build trust, which translates into higher loyalty and increased sales.

Quickly React On New Reviews

Then engage with select positive reviews and respond in an authentic brand voice to all negative reviews. This will turn brand detractors into brand advocates. By engaging with your customers, you can often turn 1 and 2 star reviews into to 4 and 5 star reviews. Most of our clients experience a steady increase in star rating across channels within weeks after deploying our review monitoring service.

Get Free Review Monitoring For Your Business

Review Stacker is not designed to be a free online review monitoring software. However, the cost of a subscription is ridiculously low. We do offer a 14 day trial for review monitoring which is free. However, even if you think you are not ready for a review monitoring service you can still scan online reviews for free.

Simply complete this simple form for a no cost no obligation use of our online review monitoring scan. We are confident that you will learn something about your online reviews and reputation that Review Stacker can help you improve.

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